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Microsoft is using Google’s Android in its Surface Duo phones

When last week Micorosft announced its first smartphone in the market, the company said a lot of the things you’d expect. The tech giant talked about how its new device which is Surface Duo, sporting two 5.6-inch screens will make everybody more productive. Microsoft shared that the new device will be launched in the market next year. The window maker also shared that the new device will merely merge the computer and phone worlds.

“We think of these not just as products, but the beginning of a new category, dual-screen computing,” Yusuf Mehdi, corporate vice president for Microsoft’s modern life, search and devices group, said in an interview. “We’re at the beginning of a new wave of innovation.

Our news sources have reported that the Surface Duo won’t be powered by an operating system that runs on nearly eight of every 10 computers around the world, but the device will be rather powered by Android from Google, which is the most popular mobile operating system. Currently, Android runs on three out of every four phones available in the market.

“If you’re going to have a device that fits in your pocket, and you can do phone calls and you want to run apps … it made sense for us to choose” Android, Mehdi said.

Microsoft stepping towards Android is not surprising and is rather a smart move which makes a lot of sense. We all know that Android is popular in the tech world than Micorosft windows and the data from Statcounter shows that Android overtook Windows in May.

“It shows Microsoft being smart — going and competing where they think they can compete” like with a camera app, email, and search, said Carolina Milanesi, an analyst at Creative Strategies. “There’s a lot going for them at the moment.”

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