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Amazon announces new Eero mesh router

Recently Amazon announced its brand-new Eero router which the company will sell for $99. Amazon announced the new device during a big hardware event. The brand-new Eero router is the first product from the mesh networking company, according to reports.

Amazon has designed the new router in a way that it will be a user-friendly product which can be set up on less than 10 minutes. The brand-new Eero router will also have a dual-band radio system and it will also support numerous services including Eero Secure and Eero Secure Plus premium subscription.

Amazon this time has included some new features in the device which includes Alexa controls (something that both Eero and other routers have supported before in a less integrated fashion). The Alexa controls will allow users to control the network through their voice. Voice control features will include actions like turning off Wi-Fi for a specific device or activating a guest network all through voice control.

Besides this, Amazon during the 2019 hardware event also announced that Alexa will be getting a more natural-sounding voice. The artificial voice assistant will also get Samuel L. Jackson voice option, the company added.

“The new router controls won’t just be limited to Eero — Amazon is making it an API for other companies to use, too, with Asus and TP-Link already promising support for later this year, and Arris and Linksys sometime next year”.

Users who are willing to purchase one Eero router will have to pay $99, while users who are looking forward to purchase a pack of three will be paying $249. The product is currently available in the US. And both the triple pack and the single pack of the router will be available in Europe later this year.





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