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Apple updates its Map app to catch on Google Maps

There are reports that Apple for a while is putting efforts to catch up to Google when it comes to maps. The wrong directions and spotty information of Apple Maps app have been pretty much popular since it was launch seven years ago. And now on Monday, the tech giant has rolled out the biggest update to its map of New York City. There are reports that the new update will focus on providing details on buildings, roads, parks, and bodies of water.

Following the update, suppose if a user will be looking at Central Park, then he/she will be able to have a look at baseball diamonds and more detailed footpaths. Buildings also are more accurately rendered in 3D using flight technology to better depict elevations.

Our news sources have reported that the upgraded Apple Map app will now also offer the” Look Around” feature which is pretty much similar to “Google Street View” in Google Maps. The “Look Around” feature will help users to provide a 360-degree image while driving down the city’s streets. The image has been captured by a fleet of cars equipped with cameras.

“The bar for Apple Maps isn’t incredibly high — it’s just ‘don’t suck,’ ” tech analyst Shelly Palmer told one of the leading news channels. “I don’t know anybody that uses Apple Maps on their iOS device,” he said. “You’re not going to find anybody that’s a serious user of technology that hasn’t replaced Apple Maps with Google Maps.”

Our news sources have reported that Apple has already rolled out the upgraded maps along with new features in Hawaii and California and there are reports that the updated app will soon reach parts of Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi.



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