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Pixel will not only detect car crashes but will also assist you

There are reports that the all-new upcoming Pixel 4 along with other Pixel devices will help and assist you if you will face a car crash. The news has been confirmed by Google Play Store information that has been leaked over the internet.

The details regarding the Pixel 4’s emergency app has been shared by Mishaal Rahman at XDA-Developers with our news sources.

The new app that the smartphone will hold will be called “Personal Safety,” and the updated app will include a feature that will be capable of predicting the car accident by monitoring your GPS location, microphone, and accelerometer sensor data.

Following the smartphone will suspect that an accident has occurred, the app will get to work by playing loud and shrill sound which will be of course played at maximum volume. The app will also make the device vibrate, and display a large on-screen prompt asking if you’ve been in a crash and if you’re okay.

There are reports that the prompt will also include a countdown timer, and if you will miss the chance to respond in time as if you actually are in a car crash, then the smartphone will dial 911 on your part.

Besides this, if there will be a case in which you have been in a crash but still are able to respond, you can simply add information about the accident by just clicking on a few tabs.

“The updated Google Play Store information states that both false positives and false negatives are possible—meaning the app may incorrectly think you’ve been in a crash, as well as potentially not detect when you have been. But since the Personal Safety app hasn’t been officially announced and no one has been able to publicly test the car accident detection feature, we can’t comment on its effectiveness”, said Rahman.



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